Masooma Hussain

In modern society multimedia, graphics and design have increasingly acquired an important role. These disciplines influence individuals, families, small businesses, and large international companies. In the current economic turndown if companies have to survive they have to utilise modern communication techniques such as social media, modern advertising, and embrace innovative designs to stand out from the crowd. For this economic revival I want to be at the forefront using my creative skills and my cutting-edge designs.

The reason for choosing graphic designing is that it gives me opportunity to express and explore my own novel ideas; one makes a visual statement that is more than what it shows and there is no restriction to one’s imagination. In a piece of art one conveys emotion as well as a message. Graphic designing requires intelligence, creativity, originality, deep interest and enthusiasm; qualities which I do possess. I am very interested in advertising and have developed quite an expertise in using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premium Pro, and Dreamweaver.

I am creative, customer focused individual who can interpret client’s requirements and then develop solutions to suit their needs. I possess an extensive and unique portfolio of my current project work. I am dedicated, courteous, logical, and empathetic to all my clients to create a positive working environment to make my company a successful one.